Glass Sand Briquetting

More and more glass dust and glass sand are produced during transport and recycling of waste glass – and at the same time, increasing the recycling rate of glass is an economic and ecological necessity.

Until now, it has been difficult to melt glass sand in the glass furnace to produce new glass products.

We have developed the solution to this problem – so that high-quality bottles and glasses can be produced again from otherwise perhaps useless glass sand.

  • Glasssand converted into mechanically stable briquettes
    ready for re-melt
  • Excellent melting behaviour in the glass furnace
  • Increase of waste glass recycling rate
  • Increases customer‘s revenue, no glass sand disposal
  • Briquetting process can utilize waste heat, if available on site

  • Reducing CO2 emissions of glass products
  • Best current technology to put ever-increasing glass dust volumes back into the process
  • Less use of virgin raw materials
  • Patented and proven technology